Ring Jacket Grey-on-blue Pinstripe Suit

Ring Jacket. It’s an odd name that might be familiar to some readers: the blog of Hong Kong-based shop The Armoury regularly features their gear, usually with the sumptuous, mahogany-panelled surroundings of its showroom in the background. Their suits looked pretty effing sweet to me so, after spending an unholy amount of time in aContinue reading “Ring Jacket Grey-on-blue Pinstripe Suit”

An Interview with Richard Harvie of Harvie and Hudson

In days gone by Jermyn Street, the traditional heart of Britain’s shirt industry, was full of family-owned shirtmakers. Now just one, Harvie & Hudson, remains. We caught up with Richard Harvie, grandson of co-founder Thomas Harvie and current day-to-day manager of the 77 Jermyn Street store, to discuss all things shirt-related. 1) It always struck meContinue reading “An Interview with Richard Harvie of Harvie and Hudson”

Tricker’s Newbury with Dainite Rubber Soles

My first pair of Tricker’s arrived last week. I bought them from a Halifax-based outfit called Pediwear, and was very impressed with their service. Shipping to Japan was fast (about a week), free and reliable; and the total cost – import duties included – was much less than buying at full retail from a Japanese retailer.Continue reading “Tricker’s Newbury with Dainite Rubber Soles”

How and When to Wear Dark Shirts

If there’s one thing that makes men’s style purists recoil in horror it’s the combination of dark shirts with suits. It’s a look that’s all too frequently seen on TV dramas and in the most fashionable bars and clubs of major cities, but is rarely considered acceptable in traditional office environments. This might be becauseContinue reading “How and When to Wear Dark Shirts”

Loafers and the “Invisible” Sock Dilemma

May is probably my favourite month in terms of weather. There may be the occasional day or two when it rains buckets, but generally the skies are clear, the days warm and the nights comfortably cool. It’s also the perfect time to bring those suede loafers out of winter hibernation. I don’t like wearing socksContinue reading “Loafers and the “Invisible” Sock Dilemma”

The Lightweight Cardigan: Perfect Layering Sweater

Spring is just around the corner (well, it is for me, at least: for many of you it might be more down the bottom of the road, past the Post Office and left at the traffic lights), and although the wool overcoat will soon be put away spring evenings can still be quite nippy. It’sContinue reading “The Lightweight Cardigan: Perfect Layering Sweater”

Japanese Men’s Magazines: Leon vs. Men’s Ex

As a long-standing fan of magazines, and the men’s magazine market in particular, it saddens me to see almost-monthly articles proclaiming their imminent demise. While it’s true that in recent years some titles, such as Maxim and Arena, suffered a swift and merciless end, others have performed comparatively well: between 2002 and 2009 Esquire UK’s circulation held steady atContinue reading “Japanese Men’s Magazines: Leon vs. Men’s Ex”