Ring Jacket Grey-on-blue Pinstripe Suit

Ring Jacket. It’s an odd name that might be familiar to some readers: the blog of Hong Kong-based shop The Armoury regularly features their gear, usually with the sumptuous, mahogany-panelled surroundings of its showroom in the background. Their suits looked pretty effing sweet to me so, after spending an unholy amount of time in aContinue reading “Ring Jacket Grey-on-blue Pinstripe Suit”

Tricker’s Newbury with Dainite Rubber Soles

My first pair of Tricker’s arrived last week. I bought them from a Halifax-based outfit called Pediwear, and was very impressed with their service. Shipping to Japan was fast (about a week), free and reliable; and the total cost – import duties included – was much less than buying at full retail from a Japanese retailer.Continue reading “Tricker’s Newbury with Dainite Rubber Soles”

The Barbour Bedale: Review

They’re not flashy and are unlikely to turn women’s heads, but Barbour wax jackets’ popularity among the upper classes helped to make them the unlikeliest of status symbols. Today Barbour has, thankfully, lost much of its ‘Sloane Ranger’ connotations. While rarely at the height of fashion, their products have remained popular thanks largely to theirContinue reading “The Barbour Bedale: Review”