Shawl-Collar Cardigans: Wear Them to the Office and on Weekends

At this time of the year the weather often swings between mild and cool, making the task of choosing an outer layer a difficult one. For days when fine-gauge wool sweaters are too thin, and winter jackets too heavy, consider a shawl-collar cardigan. Unlike merino cardigans and sweaters, shawl-collar cardigans are usually knitted from fairlyContinue reading “Shawl-Collar Cardigans: Wear Them to the Office and on Weekends”

Politicians and Their Distinct (Lack of) Style

As I watched the chancellor of the exchequer explain the main points of the government’s long-awaited spending review on TV the other day, what struck me most was not the scale of the spending cuts, which I (and probably most people) had expected, but the state of some of the male politicians who booed andContinue reading “Politicians and Their Distinct (Lack of) Style”

Can Cargo Pants Ever Be Smart Enough for Work?

A reader asks: “Is there ever a time when it’s okay to wear cargo pants to work (unless you’re in the army)?” The answer? Absolutely. If you can wear chinos to work, then you can wear cargo pants. However, baggy army-surplus style cargos will not do: cargo pants for work need to be as smart andContinue reading “Can Cargo Pants Ever Be Smart Enough for Work?”

Wearing Tan Brogues to the Office. Yes or No?

Brogues were traditionally country wear, to be worn with a tweed jacket and odd trousers. Though it’s long been acceptable to wear brogues to the office, not all of them look the part: black or dark brown brogues are fine with a suitably coloured suit, but tan brogues are usually a step too far. TheContinue reading “Wearing Tan Brogues to the Office. Yes or No?”

The Barbour Bedale: Review

They’re not flashy and are unlikely to turn women’s heads, but Barbour wax jackets’ popularity among the upper classes helped to make them the unlikeliest of status symbols. Today Barbour has, thankfully, lost much of its ‘Sloane Ranger’ connotations. While rarely at the height of fashion, their products have remained popular thanks largely to theirContinue reading “The Barbour Bedale: Review”

Essential Autumn Clothing: Fair Isle Knitwear

Fair Isle, a tiny island sandwiched between Orkney and Shetland, is renowned for its colourful knitwear. But unlike Harris Tweed, authentic Fair Isle products have no legal protection. Instead, they have to compete against a mountian of foreign-made goods that bear the island’s name. And the future doesn’t look good: the island has just fourContinue reading “Essential Autumn Clothing: Fair Isle Knitwear”

Four Essential Pairs of Casual Shoes and Trainers

The four pairs of casual shoes and trainers that every man should have in his wardrobe: Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars Thanks to the creative genius and salesmanship of former basketball player Chuck Taylor, Converse All-Stars (pictured above) are probably the most popular and easily recognised sports shoes in the world today. They’re simple, comfortable, comeContinue reading “Four Essential Pairs of Casual Shoes and Trainers”